When looking for a child care centre, it is only right that you vet the facility to check whether it is a right fit for your kid. Below is an extensive extract with some interview questions to help you assess the child care centre. 

What Is the Experience of the Caregivers?

As a parent, you want to leave your child in safe and competent hands. Therefore, evaluate the qualifications and training of the caregivers at the facility. Besides early childhood development training, the caregivers should have professional courses to help build their skills. Certification from child care agencies and government bodies comes as an added advantage. If your child has a disability or development disorder, inquire whether the caregivers have the expertise needed to work with your child. 

What Program Do You Use?  

The child care program is the least of concerns to most parents. Nevertheless, it is a critical concern since you want to know the skills and values your child will acquire while at the facility. An ideal child care program should help kids develop essential life skills such as etiquette, critical thinking, communication, independence, and problem-solving skills. Furthermore, it should give them a head start at formal schooling by introducing them to grammar and arithmetic. 

What Meals Do Kids Take? 

The rule is to ensure that the child care centre serves age-appropriate and healthy meals. Visit the kitchen and ask for the menu. Avoid child care centres that serve the same meals every day. Remember, your kids could get bored of repetitive meals and opt to starve when at the facility. This could significantly affect their development. Then, examine the hygiene standard observed by kitchen staff as they prepare the meals. If your child is allergic to some of the meals served, inquire whether the kitchen staff can prepare alternatives. 

What Safety Protocols Do You Observe? 

Below are some essential safety protocols for child care centres; 

  • Kids must be dropped off or picked up by their parents or an individual authorised by the parents.
  • Parents must disclose their kid's health information to ensure timely response in case they fall ill at school.
  • Kids must be supervised in class or in the play areas.
  • The child care centre must guarantee the safety of the facility. For instance, it must be clean and free of hazards like fire hazards and slippery floors. 

When vetting a child care centre, asses the caregiver's experience, the child care program, the meals served at the facility and the safety protocols observed at the centre

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