A successful kindergarten program will see children developing academically, socially and emotionally. You can look for some indicators that your children are in a well-run school.

Positive reinforcement

Children who behave well at this age will receive praise, encouragement and positive reinforcement. However, they will also receive consequences when their behaviour isn't appropriate, promoting responsibility for their actions.

Clear Boundaries

There are clear rules and boundaries set out for children to know what is expected of them. They will be encouraged to cooperate with the teacher, follow instructions and take responsibility for their actions. This provides a firm foundation from which learning can occur.

Caring Atmosphere

There must be a real feeling of community in the classroom; lots of adults work together, and children feel safe and secure because they know they will be cared for. This culture arises when a high level of emotional intelligence among staff which in turn creates an ambience where children want to learn and explore new things.

Fun and Play

Kindergarten students love to play, so this is important for their development. Children need time every day away from the more structured learning environment to explore, discover and gain confidence through free play activities. When kids go on up into school, these experiences help them enjoy learning, and these activities remain an essential part of their lives as they grow.

Clear Routines

There is a daily routine in the classroom; the children know what to expect every day and contribute. This enhances a positive atmosphere for learning while providing a sense of security within a structured environment. The children also have a sense of control because they help create the appropriate routines for them at this age.


Ideally, children should be encouraged to work independently toward their goals, but with a teacher that will also help them when they need it. Fostering independence is one of the most critical aspects of kindergarten, as this will set your child up to succeed when they move on up into school.


A variety of activities are offered to children, which will appeal to a wide range of interests. Children need to develop in multiple ways at this stage in their life, so the teacher needs to ensure that they have a good range of resources and activities that encourage cognitive, physical and emotional development.

If you would like more info, contact your local kindergarten today and ask about their kindergarten program.