Moving to a new town can be tough for the whole family, but children take changes like this especially hard. Moving your little one to a new kindergarten midway through the year can be fraught with anxiety and tears that make life just as stressful for you as it is for your child. Of course, as with all changes in life, if you know how to manage the move in advance, you can help your child see it in a more positive light and adjust quickly.

Choose to Right Kindergarten

Moving your child to a new town starts with finding the right kindergarten. When making your choice, try to find a kindergarten with a similar ethos and schedule to the one your child is already attending. Having to adjust to new nap times, new lunchtimes, new rules and new values makes switching kindergartens even harder for young children, who thrive on routine and familiarity as they develop. Your little one is sure to adjust to their new preschool much faster when the only things changing are the environment and the people in it.

Organise Playdates Before the Move

Some parents think it's best to treat moving to a new kindergarten like ripping off a band-aid: do it quick with no fuss. Many make the mistake of thinking their child will miss their old friends less if they wait until the last minute to let them know about the move, cutting old relationships off before they have a chance to process what's happened. However, the truth is that most children find it easier to get closure after spending 'going away get-togethers' with the peers they're closest with. The end of these playdates may be teary, but they help your child say goodbye properly and begin the journey to a new chapter of life.

Organise Playdates After the Move

Since your child will be losing all their old friends, it's important that they make new friends as soon as possible. Once they have people they feel comfortable with in their kindergarten class, they'll find it easier to warm up to the whole move. Shortly after the move, ask your child's kindergarten teacher which peers they're playing with the most, then approach their parents to set up a playdate. This will help relationships forge faster. If your child is too shy to talk much to any of the kids, you can always organise a group party at a local park or at your home. 

Visit a kindergarten centre and ask if they have any tips.