When you need to find a centre to care for your child, of course you want something safe and clean and comfortable. You also want to know what is included in the price and how to handle any schedule differences and the like. Note a few tips for finding the best care centre for your child and some questions to ask so you're happy with this centre for many years to come.

Family care

Family care is care that is provided out of a family home. This can be a very safe and comfortable atmosphere for a child, but be sure you can inspect all areas where the child will be cared for, and look for potential safety hazards. Are all outlets covered, and is there a secure gate to block access to the kitchen, bathroom, and stairways? Are cords to blinds put up and out of a child's reach or removed altogether? Are there pets in the home and, if so, do they seem friendly or bothersome? Does the home look and smell clean, and what is the experience of the caregiver when it comes to educational training or their own family?


Actual centres that are run like a business may have more children there at one time, so ask about the ratio of caregivers to children; if there are only a few adults for every ten, twenty, or even more children, this is a sure sign that those children are not properly supervised! Look for safety issues in such centres as well, and also check the number of bathrooms available, if there are educational activities, and if there is an outdoor area that is safe for your child.

Questions to ask

No matter the choice you make, always ask how a family home or care centre screens anyone else on the staff and how they ensure the child doesn't go home with anyone but you or a designated family member. Ask about their medical knowledge or training, in case of a medical emergency. If your child has asthma, allergies, and the like, always ask if they can accommodate administering emergency medicine, and if they are comfortable with handling such an emergency.

Also, ask how you are billed if you wouldn't need their services for a day or two, such as when your child gets sick and you keep them home or you go on a family vacation. You might also ask if they always have backup caregivers to fill in when someone in the family home or centre is out sick or takes a holiday.

Keep these things in mind the next time you look for a child care centre, like Do-Re-Mi Childcare Centre.