As children reach the age of 4 they start to get really excited about their birthday. This is also often the age where they start to develop some of their own friends through daycare or playgroups and want to be able to invite these kids over for a party. Here are some tips to make sure that the party goes well. 

Consider the venue

If you have a smaller house or an apartment, it can be worth heading further afield for your child's birthday. The local park is usually free but you may have some restrictions on the kinds of decorations that you can use such as not using glitter or confetti (as these can be an issue for wildlife).

There can be more freedom with having a party at a dedicated kid's party venue in terms of decorations, and these venues will also clean up any mess after the party. This can often be more relaxing for parents and it can be handy to have the support of the party centre staff to keep an eye on the kids. 

Limit the number of kids

It can be hard to choose between kids sometimes, and some parents choose to avoid this issue by inviting all of the kids in the class. However, this can add an extra level of stress, particularly if you have a limited budget and also need to invite other children such as cousins or siblings. It can be sensible to limit how many children are at the party so that your child gets a chance to play with their pals and doesn't get overwhelmed by the number of kids that they need to interact with. Many parents opt for a rule of thumb such as 'one school friend invited for every year of age'.

Offer some input on gifts

Some parents also find it overwhelming to head home after the party with a lot of bulky toys. It can be a good idea to give the invitees some ideas on less bulky gifts they could give, such as building a library of books for a new reader, trains for a train table or items for a doll house. These can add up to a lovely and practical gift that all of the birthday party gifts have contributed to. 

If you are having a 4-year-old's birthday party, it can be a great idea to plan ahead by finding a great venue, limiting guests and asking for some specific gifts.